Subnational HDI (v5.0)

Mean Years Schooling of population 25+

Mean Years Schooling of population 25+. The mean years of schooling of adults aged 25+ (MYS), reflects the current situation with regard to education in a society.

Mean years of schooling was computed by using the Global Data Lab Area Database, taking for each region the average number of years of education completed by adults aged 25 and over in the survey and census datasets. In most of these datasets educational level is measured in years of education completed. In a restricted number of cases, education was measured by the highest completed education level. In those cases, the data was turned into years of education on the basis of information on the number of years it normally takes to complete a certain level in the specific country.

For High Income Countries (HICs), the data on schooling is generally derived from statistical offices. The data on mean years of schooling derived from statistical offices and Eurostat is generally available in the form of tables with the numbers or percentages of children at the different educational levels.

To obtain the best possible estimate, the national values for the indicator from the UNDP-HDI database have been taken and the subnational values have been scaled in such a way that their population weighted mean for a given year equals the national UNDP value for that year.

For a complete list of sources and surveys used, please refer to the Area Database's Data Sources page.