Subnational Human Development

Explore variations in human development, health, education and income within and across 160+ countries since 1990

Area Database

Discover a range of free socio-economic, demographic, gender and health indicators for subnational regions in low- and middle-income countries

Geospatial Data

Aggregate geospatial data compatible with the GDL subnational regions across the world. We provide yearly average temperature and precipitation data that can easily be linked to our other indicators.

Climate Cooperative Initiatives Database

Compiling and analysing over 600 worldwide climate initiatives spanning 70,000 actors. These play an important role in furthering Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

GDL Vulnerability Index

Compare the socio-economic component of climate change vulnerability of countries worldwide and project how countries will fare along five Shared Socio-economic Pathways.

SDG Dashboard

Download 50+ subnational indicators for a detailed monitoring of progress with the Sustainable Development Goals

International Wealth Index

Compare variations in household wealth and poverty across the developing world by means of one unified indicator

Student Research

Read about various projects our students have worked on recently.