Global Data Lab

Institute for Management Research
Radboud University

Turning Data into Knowledge

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Contact Information

Global Data Lab

Nijmegen Center for Economics (NiCE)
Institute for Management Research
Radboud University
P.O. Box. 9108
6500 HK Nijmegen
The Netherlands
Phone: +31 (0)24-3612319/5890


Jeroen Smits (director, designer & principal researcher)
Christiaan Monden (senior research associate)
IƱaki Permanyer (senior research associate),
Sandor Schrijner (senior research associate)
Janine Huisman (senior research associate)
Jana Vyrastekova (senior research associate)
Eelke de Jong (senior research associate & advisor)
Abiba Longwe (researcher: Reproductive health in Africa)
Ahmad Komarulzaman (researcher: Water and health in Indonesia)
Rutger Schilpzand (researcher: Poverty, inequality & Growth)
Jet Wildeman (researcher: Population growth in Africa)
Ludo Alcorta (Phd researcher: Determinants of ethnic conflicts)
Aaron van Geffen (programming & web design)
Marcus Strucks (GIS & mapping)
Ron Wunderink (GIS & mapping)
Lamar Crombach (data management)
Helma Peters (administrative assistant)

Visiting Address

Heyendaalseweg 141
Room 02.622
6525 AJ Nijmegen
The Netherlands

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