Global Data Lab

Institute for Management Research
Radboud University

Turning Data into Knowledge

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Contact Information

Global Data Lab

Nijmegen Center for Economics (NiCE)
Institute for Management Research
Radboud University
P.O. Box. 9108
6500 HK Nijmegen
The Netherlands
Phone: +31 (0)24-3612319/5890


Jeroen Smits (director, designer & principal researcher)
Christiaan Monden (senior research associate)
IƱaki Permanyer (senior research associate),
Janine Huisman (senior research associate)
Jana Vyrastekova (senior research associate)
Eelke de Jong (senior research associate & advisor)
Abiba Longwe (researcher: Reproductive health in Africa)
Sandor Schrijner (researcher: Role grandmothers in Africa)
Ahmad Komarulzaman (researcher: Water and health in Indonesia)
Rutger Schilpzand (researcher: Poverty, inequality & Growth)
Jet Wildeman (researcher: Population growth in Africa)
Ludo Alcorta (Phd researcher: Determinants of ethnic conflicts)
Aaron van Geffen (programming & web design)
Marcus Strucks (GIS & mapping)
Ron Wunderink (GIS & mapping)
Lamar Crombach (data management)
Helma Peters (administrative assistant)

Visiting Address

Heyendaalseweg 141
Room 02.622
6525 AJ Nijmegen
The Netherlands

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