Subnational HDI (v7.0)

Life expectancy at Birth

Life expectancy at Birth (LEXP) .

For High Income Countries (HICs) and some Middle Income countries (MICs), subnational values of LEXP were based on data derived from national statistical offices and Eurostat.

For Low- and Middle Income Countries (LMICs), data were derived from the Global Data Lab Area Database (GDL-AD). Given that household surveys and censuses generally do not contain information on LEXP, subnational values of this indicatorwere for these countries estimated based on information on under-5 mortality (U5M). To estimate LEXP on the basis of U5M, a regression model was constructed that explained the variation in national LEXP derived the UNDP database on the basis of national U5M scores derived from GDL-AD. The subnational values of LEXP estimated on the basis of this model were further improved by scaling them on the basis of the national LEXP values derived from the UNDP database.

If no data was available, the national UNDP values of LEXP were used for the subnational regions.

To obtain the best possible estimate, the national values for the indicator from the UNDP-HDI database have been taken and the subnational values have been scaled in such a way that their population weighted mean for a given year equals the national UNDP value for that year.

For a complete list of sources and surveys used, please refer to the Area Database's Data Sources page.