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27 January 2015

A World Education blog has come out in which the importance of comparable wealth measures like IWI is highlighted. You find it here .

20 December 2014

A paper using the International Wealth Index to study health inequalities in 52 countries has been published in Plos One. You find it here .

14 December 2014

We have prepared data files to add IWI to a large number of DHS and MICS surveys. These files contain the value of IWI for all households plus the DHS/MICS household IDs. On the basis of the Ids, IWI can be connected to the households in the original datasets. Using these files it is not necessary any more to do the tedious coding work. Given that the files contain information at the household level, we can only make them available to users after having obtained permission of DHS/MICS for this. Please contact us if you are interested in this option.

10 December 2014

An updated version of the SPSS files for computing IWI is available at the IWI download page. In the new 1.1 version, the construction of the utensil variables has been improved. In this version, households owning a more expensive utensil are automatically assumed to have also a cheap utensil and household owning a car are assumed to have also an expensive utensil. In the first version of the files, this was not the case.

26 October 2014

File with data Ebola countries at HDX extended with sub-national data on neighboring countries.

24 October 2014

GDL has posted a file with sub-national data for the three Ebola countries, Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone at the Humanitarian Data Exchange (HDX) website

30 September 2014

The first (beta) version of the Area Database is online.

1 September 2014

GDL has received a grant of the GAPMINDER Foundation ( for further developing the Area Database into an open source of sub-national indicators for low and middle income countries

8 August 2014

The article describing the International Wealth Index (IWI) has appeared online in Social Indicators Research. It can be found here.

1 December 2013

GDL has received a "Small Data Project" grant of Data Archiving and Networked Services (DANS, KNAW/NWO, for building a web interface for the Area Database and a Coding Scheme for projecting sub-national data from DHS and MICS surveys on a map.