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International Wealth Index (IWI)

First comparable asset-based indicator of household wealth

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Play With IWI

To compute an IWI value, please answer the questions below. Note: only one unknown is allowed.

Does the household own or have a:

  • TV
  • Refrigerator
  • Phone
  • Bike
  • Car
  • Cheap utensils (<$50)
  • Expensive utensil (>$300)
  • Electricity

What is the quality of the...

  • Main source drinking water?
  • Toilet facility usually used?
  • Main floor material?
  • Nr. of rooms used for sleeping

The household's IWI score is: 0

Give a household its IWI score

The "Play with IWI" form above is also available as an Excel spreadsheet. With this spreadsheet, interviewers can determine a household's IWI score. The spreadsheet can be downloaded here. It can be freely used if reference to the Global Data Lab as its source is made.