Haike Pijs wins MA Global Data Lab prize

24 November 2022

Haike Pijs recently received our first MA Global Data Lab (GDL) prize during his graduation ceremony of his master thesis titled ‘Sub National Good Governance and Development: A Comparative Study of African countries’ at Nijmegen School of Management. He investigated the relationship between sub-national good governance and development in Botswana, Ghana, Tanzania, and Uganda using a panel data analysis with data from the Global Data Lab.

Haike Pijs: ‘The Global Data Lab provided key data to investigate this relationship. Without the Global Data Lab the study would not have been possible. The GDL is very user-friendly which makes it great to work with’.

Natascha Wagner: 'Haike, I am very proud of you and looking forward to the next steps in your career. For now, I wish you all the best! I hope to see you back soon.'