Climate Cooperative Initiatives Database (beta)

The focus on cooperative climate initiatives is particularly interesting in the light of recent studies that estimate their climate mitigation potential as considerably higher than individual initiatives and commitments by non-state and subnational actors. Climate initiatives focus on benefits to mitigation, adaptation, or a mix of both. They play an important role alongside governments in furthering Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), climate goals, and building capacity and resilience against climate change impacts.


This link will take you to a sample of statistics from our database, including: initiative growth, proportions of actors who participate, linkages to the SDGs, overall performance, and the geography of where initiatives implement their activities.


Cooperative climate initiatives are collaborative arrangements between two or more actors that include at least one ‘non-state actor’ (business, investor, civil society organisation, or faith-based organisation) or one ‘subnational actor’ (municipality, local community, or regional government) with the objective of addressing climate mitigation or climate adaptation.

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