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Qinghai (China)

This GDL Area Profile Report provides an overview of the major social and economic characteristics of the region or country. The figures are derived from the most recent national household survey available at the Global Data Lab. These and many other indicators can also be downloaded freely from the GDL Area Database. Further information on the indicators is available at the bottom of this report and at the GDL website.

Level of development Value Trend National rank LMIC decile Year
Subnational Human Development Index 0.696 0.007 3 / 38 ( 6 ) 2019
Gross National Income per capita (2011$ ppp)1 16.0 0.87 24 / 38 ( 9 ) 2019

Meaning of the menu items: Value: Indicator value in GDL Area Database. Trend: Average yearly change in indicator value since preceding survey. National rank: Within-country rank on indicator (1 is highest value within country). Continent rank: Within continent rank on indicator (continents are America, Africa, Asia/Pacific and (Eastern) Europe). LMIC decile: Decile position on indicator among 1300+ regions within 125+ low and middle income countries.

The indicators presented in this GDL Profile Report are created by aggregating to the sub-national and national level from representative household surveys. Detailed information on the data and methods used is available here and in Smits (2016).

1 Subnational GNIc is estimated on the basis of national GNIc and variation in household wealth (IWI) across subnational regions. National GNIc equals its value in the UNDP Database

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